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Pricing and Payment

We accept: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

Payment Options

Remote Support: Invoice will be sent via email after the remote support session is over.

Minimum Charge for support is the cost of: 1 hour rate ($40 / $60)

Business IT Support: $60 per hour

Non-profit / Residential IT Support: $40 per hour

Although we will endeavor to conduct all activities in a timely manner, troubleshooting issues may be a time-consuming process. If we will require conducting further research on a specific issue, Client will not be billed for research time off-site, but will be billed for research time while at Clients site/computer. We reserve the right to recommend another IT company if the troubleshooting requires the assistance of another IT company to assist. Client will contract with the other IT company separately.