We offer FREE computer and electronics equipment disposal pick up, with an option of a competitive business partnership, which may include compensation for the equipment.

We specialize cleaning up various electronics including: computers – desktops and laptops (Hard drives will be permanently wiped from all the data using the latest industry standards), desk phones, cell and business phones, server equipment, switches, routers, flat screen monitors, printers, empty printer cartridges, flat screen TVs, and backup batteries. Peripherals like keyboards, mice and cables can be also picked up for free.

What sets us apart from other companies - is the easiness of doing business, minimum paper work, no complex payment systems (check / paypal / credit card / cash), and effectiveness.
Major benefits of our services:
   * Increase Savings: we offer cash back for your computer equipment
   * Lower the Costs: eliminate cost of storing excess, outdated, and/or used computer equipment
   * Data Security: we safely erase the hard drives without options of restoring data
     or completely physically destroy the unit(s) for very high sensitive data, so there is absolutely no trace of previous ownership
   * Logistics: infrastructure in place to properly manage the recycling or resale of your old computer equipment.
   * Accountability: single point of contact, straight forward process, easy and flexible payment system (if needed),
       reports of all the equipment we receive from you with serial #s

Special arrangements for outside of our coverage area can be made!

Please fill out the form below, feel free to attach pictures of the equipment you need to dispose of, that will be of a great help for us!

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Computer Equipment Disposal and Electronics Recycling

Preventing waste in the first place is preferable to any waste management option...including recycling. Donating used (but still operating) electronics for reuse extends the lives of valuable products and keeps them out of the waste stream for a longer period of time. Reuse, in addition to being an environmentally preferable alternative, also benefits society. By donating your used electronics, you allow schools, nonprofit organizations, and lower-income families to obtain equipment that they otherwise could not afford.